Tax refund scams warning from HMRC

HMRC has issued a warning to taxpayers regarding the latest tax refund scams. These scams are targeting individuals via email and SMS messages. If you receive an HMRC communication by text or email, it is not a genuine message. Harvey Telford and Bates have extensive experience working with HMRC, with our team happy to simply provide guidance on HMRC matters, or communicating with HMRC directly on behalf of clients.

Tax Refund Scams

HMRC is currently processing genuine tax refunds for the 2017/18 tax year and the fraudsters are sending scam messages, which claim that taxpayers are entitled to a rebate. These messages go on to request that they provide their personal and account details in order to make their claim.

HMRC is keen to stress that it will only ever inform individuals of a tax refund by post or through their employer, and never via email, text messaging or voicemail.

Commenting on the issue, Treasury Minister Mel Stride said

‘We know that criminals will try and use events like the end of the financial year, the self-assessment deadline, and the issuing of tax refunds to target the public and attempt to get them to reveal their personal data’.

HMRC is advising taxpayers not to click on any links, download any attachments or provide any personal information, and to forward any suspect messages to HMRC for further investigation.

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