Corporate Tax Planning

Corporation tax is charged on the taxable profits of Limited companies. The profits from your business that are deemed as taxable under corporation tax include any money your business makes through trading profits (in other words, doing your line of business), any investments your business makes and profit accrued from selling assets for a value higher than their original price.

If your business is based in the UK, you will be required to pay corporation tax on all your taxable profits – whether these profits were made in the UK or abroad. As a result of this, corporation tax represents a substantial part of your trading costs.

But collecting revenue for the Government takes up a large amount of time and resources, but not done correctly can have massive repercussions. Business owners face increased reporting obligations and increasingly robust investigation policies on the part of the tax authorities.

With our corporate tax planning  service, we can help you minimise your corporate tax exposure and relieve you of the administrative burden of complying with tax legislation. This is just one of the many business accountancy services we can provide to you, helping to reduce the time you need to spend on administrative aspects of your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Our Corporate Tax Planning service includes:

  • Determining the most tax effective structure for your business
  • Taking full advantage of tax opportunities and reliefs
  • Achieving the optimum capital or revenue tax treatment
  • Acting on your behalf in discussions with the tax authorities.
  • Introduction to a specialist Research and Development tax relief team

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