With Harvey, Telford & Bates accounting services we take the bookkeeping data and using our industry knowledge and experience convert it into information which helps our clients make well-informed business decisions.

Not to be confused with Bookkeeping, accounting is a high-level process that makes sense of the information and data collected and recorded throughout the bookkeeping process, it also includes the preparation and sign off of the company’a annual accounts.  

Whilst bookkeeping can be carried out by a well-organised and competent individual, accounting should be carried out by an experienced and qualified accountancy practice such as Harvey, Telford & Bates.

With Harvey, Telford & Bates accounting services we transform the bookkeeping information from the ledger into statements that reveal the bigger picture of the business. This information can be used for direct financial purposes such as tax planning and filing, but also for wider business uses such as business planning and forecasting.

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