Latest guidance for employers

This edition has published articles on a number of areas including an updated guidance for employers on reporting PAYE information in real time when payments are made early at Christmas, electronic payment deadline falls on a weekend as well as Ultra Low Emission Vehicle proposed changes from 6 April 2020 and the impacts on you as an employer.

In addition, other topics covered in this month’s Bulletin are High Income Child Benefit Charge that states the deadline is 31 January, Tax-Free Childcare payments, an update on termination payments: Post Employment Notice Pay for employees paid by equal monthly instalments and an important reminder to keep paying into the workplace pension.

Laura Bright, Account Manager at Harvey, Telford and Bates says:

“The Employer Bulletin is aimed at providing information on payroll news and changes. These changes have been once again stated in the December issue as this is an important issue that will affect both you as an employer and your employees. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you have the advice and guidance in order to deal with these. We are able to help with these.” To read the December edition of the Employer Bulletin, visit to read more on the latest in payroll news and find out what you as an employer might be affected by.

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