HMRC publishes a revised list of deliberate tax defaulters

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has recently published an updated list of deliberate tax defaulters from 2017-2018. The team at Harvey Telford and Bates Accountants provide support and guidance to their clients to prevent them from such illegal activity.

Danielle Harvey, Director at Harvey Telford and Bates Chartered Accountants said: “It is crucial for businesses to keep up to date with their tax payments.

“If your business is struggling to keep on top of tax payments, give our team a call and we will provide all the financial support you need to prevent you from falling into the tax defaulter’s category.”

HMRC has published an updated list of deliberate tax defaulters. The list includes details of taxpayers who have incurred a penalty because they have either:

  • Deliberately provided one or more inaccurate documents to HMRC
  • Deliberately failed to comply with an HMRC obligation
  • Committed a VAT excise wrongdoing.


The HMRC list contains the company name, business trade or occupation, address, period of default, total amount of tax/duty on penalties and the total amount of penalties charged.

To view the full list of tax deliberators visit the website.

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