Final notice: Online Self-Assessment Tax Return Deadline

For anybody that has still not provided this information, additional avoidable charges of £10 per day can be applied for every day of delay, up to the amount of £900. This is regardless of if there are any tax liabilities or not, and a cost that can be ill afforded by any individual.

Of course if you have a valid reason for the late return of your tax return you can appeal against penalties or ask for an extension for submission, but bear in mind reasons such as ‘the dog ate my tax return’ or equally inventive excuses may not result in a successful appeal.

To mark any important tax return deadlines in you diary, see the self-assessment tax returns deadlines here, and book a date in the diary to speak to our team at Harvey Telford and Bates Chartered Accountants before, providing guidance along the way or managing the whole process for you.

As we’ve now moved on to the new tax year for 2015/ 2016, you may already be preparing all the essential paperwork and submissions for 2014/2015.

As a busy time of year, the accounting industry occasionally see fraudsters attempting to submit false returns, requesting payments to different bank accounts and potentially causing issues for the affected businesses.

HMRC and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) always issue guidelines and best practice to help avoid this, but should you have any queries about your tax return or anything else, the team at HTB Chartered Accountants are always on hand to provide assistance and reassurance.