Fee Protection Insurance – Protect Yourself Against The Cost of an HMRC Investigation

A tax investigation could cost you money even if you’ve done nothing wrong and anyone can be selected: a business, a director or an individual taxpayer. The Fee Protection Insurance provided by Harvey Telford & Bates Accountants is an all-embracing policy that provides you with the ultimate protection.

What is included in the Fee Protection Insurance? 

The service covers up to the equivalent of £100,000 towards professional fees that may result from an HMRC enquiry. This could include any compliance check carried out by HMRC such as:

  • Income Tax and/or Corporation Tax Self-Assessment;
  • PAYE;
  • National Insurance;
  • VAT;
  • IR35;
  • Construction Industry;
  • National Minimum Wage or Gift Aid Legislation and Regulations;
  • Any consequent dispute with HMRC after the issue of an assessment, computation of liabilities, written decision, notice of VAT civil penalty or notice of underpayment of the National Minimum Wage;
  • Inheritance Tax enquiries;
  • Child Tax Credit enquiries;
  • A compliance check carried out under HMRC Code of Practice 8 (provided fraud is disproved).

Offering Your Business Peace of Mind

As part of the Fee Protection Insurance, we also include comprehensive access to the Employment Law, Health and Safety and HR expertise, all at no cost to you. You’ll gain valuable access to highly experienced consultants who can provide you with their guidance and knowledge on a wide variety of subjects and issues, helping to protect and guide your business through issues related to these topics.

Harvey, Telford & Bates Chartered Accountants is supported by Croner Taxwise Limited – the market leading Fee Protection Insurance provider in the UK.