Why choose us.

If you are a smaller business, which perhaps needs a little bit more one-on-one support we are the perfect accountancy practice for you.  As this is what our qualified, professional but friendly team specialise in. 

With increasing volumes of legislation, both from the UK and the EC, tax law and accounting practices in 2016 continue to grow in complexity, making it essential to seek  professional advice and guidance to make sure you, and your business complies.

It is important to know when choosing an accountant that you select someone with the right level of knowledge to meet your requirements, and that if you have a particularly complex issue, well beyond the norm, your accountant has access to highly specialised knowledge.

At Harvey, Telford & Bates Chartered Accountants we understand that most of our clients are not financial wizards, and they look to us to explain matters in a straightforward, common sense way that is easy to understand.

All accountancy practices will audit your books and resolve tax issues. But there are many other areas, perhaps tax planning or day-to-day financial controls, where you can save money, and make more profits. Got a knotty problem and need a sounding board? We understand business, not just accounts and tax. Many of our clients report good improvements thanks to our advice.

We’re sure it’s the same for many accountancy practices, but more often than not we get new clients contacting us just before their tax return is due, and of course we are always happy to help, however, we thought we would put together some advice to small and medium sized businesses who have a little more time when choosing an accountant.  We have also included an insight of how Harvey, Telford and Bates Chartered Accountants can assist.


Many people are surprised to learn that anyone in the UK can give himself or herself the title of ‘Accountant’, and they do not need any qualifications to do so. 

When choosing an accountant quite often clients simply do not check before appointing them, just assuming they have the relevant qualifications.  It may seem simple, but do check that your accountant is suitably qualified and a member of the relevant professional body.

The main accountancy bodies include the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), the Institute of Chartered Accountants (either ICAEW or ICAS) or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).  Should something go wrong, you can raise a complaint to these bodies and if it is upheld they will hold the member to account in the event of bad practice, so in such circumstances you’ll be afforded some protection if things go wrong.

Harvey, Telford & Bates is a member of ICAEW; the Directors – Danielle Harvey and Amy Telford are both qualified Chartered Accountants and members of ICAEW. 


Accountants can vary widely in terms of qualifications and sector specialisms, and it’s important that when choosing an accountant you select one that best suits your needs.

As a smaller and friendly chartered accountancy practice we specialise in providing a complete range of accountancy services to small and medium sized businesses, many of whom have grown and flourished with us.   If you are a smaller business, which perhaps needs a little bit more one-on-one support we are the perfect accountancy practice for you.  As this is what our qualified, professional but friendly team specialise in.  We enjoy what we do, and in particular, forming positive, lasting relationships with our clients. They tell us that we’re easy to deal with, and benefit from the personal interest we take in their business, and would be happy to recommend us.  Also we believe that a sense of humour is vital to sanity…

If you do choose Harvey, Telford & Bates as your Chartered Account you’ll soon discover that your business is important to us, and you can be confident that with us you won’t be a small fish in a big pond.  


The next area to look at is fees. How much does the accountant charge? Do they offer fixed fees, do they charge by the hour?  If you choose fixed fees you will know what you’re getting and at what price – that way you won’t get a surprise when the bill arrives at the end of the year.


After you’ve checked all the basics – the accountancy practice has the right qualifications, it specialises in your type and/or size of business and its fees are acceptable to you – it is still really important that you choose a chartered accountancy firm you are comfortable with.

If you choose Harvey, Telford & Bates Chartered Accountants, depending on your requirements your account will be managed by one of our Directors – Danielle Harvey or Amy Telford – but don’t worry if they are out of the offices as there will always be someone on hand to help.

Why not give us a call and see for yourself, we’d love to meet you and to learn about your business and to discuss how we can help it grow and flourish. Your first meeting with Harvey, Telford & Bates is free and without obligation.  We’re happy to discuss your business and its challenges, and to answer your questions, advise you how we can help, and tell you the costs. Then judge for yourself. Your place, or ours?  Call us now on 01743 462604 or email hello@htbaccountants.co.uk.