Selling Your Business

Harvey, Telford & Bates can provide you with expert financial advice if you are considering selling your business.

As many of our clients are SMEs and family owned and run businesses, selling your business is often the only exit strategy to realise the financial benefits from years of hard work.  The team at Harvey, Telford & Bates can guide you through the sales process, helping you value your business and taking you step – by – step through the sales process.  

We specialise in the sale of family-owned and run businesses, where family succession is not an option and the business owner requires an exit strategy from the business either to retire or to work on another venture.  Our services include:

  • selling your share in the business to your co-owners or partners;
  • selling the business to an outside i.e. third party;
  • selling the business to the management or entire workforce (Management Buy-Out/In);
  • and winding up the business.

If you are thinking about selling your business please call us on 01743 462604 to discuss your options.

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