Harvey Telford & Bates Chartered Accountants (Previously Bates & Co) is a friendly accountancy firm based in Shrewsbury. 

Led by Directors Danielle Harvey and Amy Telford, the business was established in 1990 by Brian Bates. Amy and Danielle joined the board of Directors in 2014, and took over the business from Brian in summer 2016. 

Supported by a dedicated team, Harvey Telford & Bates is continuing to provide the same business assistance and guidance that clients have come to expect over the past 25 years. Amy joined Harvey Telford & Bates in 1999, and Danielle joined in 2006, so clients can be assured that they’re working with a trusted and experienced accountancy practice with every business’ best interests at the heart of it.


At Harvey Telford & Bates, we’re proud to support clients by offering a full chartered accountancy service to small and medium sized companies, throughout Shropshire and the surrounding counties.

Our service is friendly and professional, with most of our clients outsourcing their accounting requirements including calculating payrollVAT returns etc, whilst they focus on what they do best – running and growing their business. 

 At Harvey, Telford and Bates we understand that larger companies typically have the advantage of dedicated accounting departments, Financial Directors etc. For most small to medium-sized companies this simply is not affordable, but it is still essential that these areas are not neglected, and this is where Harvey, Telford & Bates Chartered Accounts come in.

Beyond helping produce your accounts and resolving taxation matters, we can assist your business in many other ways.  Our ‘add-on’ services are all designed to make your life easier and to let you concentrate on running your business.  These include bookkeeping, producing your payroll and VAT returns.

We will also help with advice across the business – from personal taxation through to managing rental property income, or even recommending HR experts. If you have a question and are unsure whether it is something we can assist with – please ask as we may be able to help.

Many of our clients come to us by recommendation. Why? Because we’re a dependable resource, helping well beyond routine matters. We’re there when we are needed, to provide help in a friendly, practical but professional way. 

Call us on 01743 462604 or email hello@htbaccountants.co.uk, we’ll be delighted to meet and see how — without obligation — we can help your business grow.